Working with Allen is a dream. He makes the experience fun and care free. Always coming up with great ideas. Then you get your pictures and you literally have to pick your jaw up off the floor, because they are beyond amazing!

------Sandy Summer


Working with Allen has been a pleasure. He is polite, respectful, and professional. He's not afraid to give direction but he also gives me freedom to use my own creativity when we work together. He has helped me to become more confident in my ability to pose for photos and it's because of him that I have been published nationally and internationally.

------Raquel Ravish


Allen made me feel very comfortable at all times. And I always received images of great quality! Loved his services!

------Tania Fonseca


It has been and always a pleasure working with Allen. Modeling is always about getting a variety, to enhance a portfolio. With the teamwork between photographer and model anything is possible. Working with Allen provides that environment and atmosphere. Looking forward to continue crossing professional paths with Allen and all the models. Sincerely and Blessings...

------Keith Allan


Allen Freeman is an amazing photographer to work with! He does well making great images by his own creative styles but he also does amazing with combining great ideas and making them come together in a beautiful way!

------Shea Dameron


Underneath a rubble of recycled digital visuals, there are still some who capture life in a single click. These unique beings are called Photographers and results are their business. Allen Freeman is Photographer who not only captures life, but also perfection with spot on timing. I recommend AFREEMAN Photography to anyone seeking absolute satisfaction via professional results!

------Dustin Strange


Allen has opened more doors for me that I could have imagined. His photography made my modeling career the success it is today and I couldn't thank him enough!

------Mello Dee


He is very professional & knowledgeable, and has patience to teach new photographers!

------Kay Hsu


Allen Freeman is not only an amazing artist but hands down the most professional photographer I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Every time I work with him I'm amazed at his use of detail, color, and composition! Allen's images are always popular with fans of my modeling work and magazines! I highly recommend working with Allen! Allen is the best!

------Melanie Monsters


Allen Freeman has over 30 years experience as a graphic artist, a fine artist and has also worked in the Comicbook industry- all of which he combines into the aesthetics and artistry of his photography work. And that is a main component for why his work stands above the rest.

------Dean LeCrone


Allen is truly one of the best in the Inland Empire! I encourage you to book a shoot either at his studio in Ontario, CA or at any on site location!

------Megan J. Martine


Allen truly knows how to make your visions come to life. He is an innovator and a true artist! The best of the best!

------Michelle Parris


Working with Allen Freeman is always a wonderful experience He has great ideas and will let you create and be yourself as well. My new album Series of Miracles is a Miracle and is already around the world thanks to his photography and artwork! Blessings....



Allen is by far my favorite photographer to work with! He is professional, always takes care of his models and makes sure you are comfortable in front of the camera. His work truly speaks for itself and never disappoints! I continue to work with Allen because of my love for his work and his attention to detail, which provides a picture that is truly worth a thousand words... And as close to perfection as it gets!

------Anahi Ahumada


I started working with Allen Freeman in 2012, he is the first photographer that I ever worked with. Being a new model in the industry can be intimidating and Allen helped eliminate those fears. He is a great photographer, giving direction and pose advice to help the model feel comfortable and to help capture the vision in which you wish to create. I highly recommend Allen Freeman!

------Victoria Rose