Allen Freeman has been retouching images before Photoshop was available! Mixing paint, with airbrush and brush--back in the day! He was a professional retoucher with advertising agencies starting in 1978 as soon as he got out of college. Allen was using computers as early as 1990, and Photoshop was his go-to program! No one has the extensive background to make you look your best than Allen! Everyone in magazines, especially celebrities, now-days has a professional retoucher work on their images before they are published. From brightening the eyes and teeth, to fixing stray hair, and all the other unwanted distractions in the shots, your images will never look better!

Two Digitally Retouched Images:     $100

FOUR digitally retouched images: $175  (Save $25)

EIGHT digitally retouched images  $325  (Save $75)

TWELVE digitally retouched images $475  (Save $125)

Or inquire for custom pricing!

All files will be available to you in high-resolution print-ready and web-ready files

A DVD of all your images in hi-resolution can be purchased for $40

Additional Retouched Images are Available (before/after)--Inquire